Increasing processing times for applications recognized sponsorship

Due to the increased number of applications and a stricter scrutiny of recognized sponsorship applications the IND faces a big delay in processing these applications.
Whereas the legal processing time is 3 months (in practice deciding in 4 weeks until recently) this processing time may even increase to 6 months for companies that have been incorporated less than 18 months prior to the moment applying for the status of recognized sponsor.The abovementioned delay causes difficulties/ delay when you plan to hire foreign nationals as personnel to work in the Netherlands.

Yellowstone International offers you the alternative by taking over that foreign nationals as their employees until you receive the IND confirmation that the recognized sponsorship status has been granted .

Upon the status is granted the foreign national can be transferred to your payroll.

Are you interested to hear more about this legal solution, please call Yellowstone International ☎️ +31 40 2380216 and ask for Nesli Yuzer or leave her an email;