Embassies and consulates re-opening (cautiously)

travelling to the Netherlands increasingly possible

The IND has announced that travelling to the Netherlands from countries listed in their overview *** will be allowed again as from July 2020.
For all other countries not included in the list, travelling to the Netherlands will be possible again for Highly Skilled Migrants, Blue Card holders, researchers, students and Inter Company Transfers, who have received IND confirmation that their application for a Dutch Residence Permit has been granted; they can come to the Netherlands together with their families, provided all stamps have been obtained.
As not all embassies have reopened, please check how to contact the relevant embassy to acquire all relevant stamps; from experience we know that there are alternative ways to contact some embassies (like South Africa and Turkey). You can contact those embassies either by phone or by email to schedule an appointment for obtaining the relevant stamps.

Additional requirements

In addition, embassies require proof that your entry into the Netherlands is of great importance. This proof must be in writing. Yellowstone International has already provided for this additional requirement, and has information for you explaining the procedure. If you would like to know more about the procedure or would like to receive the information, please call Yellowstone International (+ 31 40 2380216) and ask for Nesli Yuzer or Olga Bastiaansen.

*** list IND as of 1 July 2020: Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Serbia, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and China.