External travel ban into the Schengen Area

extended until 15 June 2020

The Netherlands has prolonged the external travel ban until 15 June 2020. The ban will be extend for another 30 days as a measure to contain the spread of the Coronavirus. The ban restricts all non-essential travel from outside into the Schengen countries and their associated Member States. This includes tourists, business travellers, temporary family visits etc. Exceptions to the entry ban apply to EU nationals (including British nationals) and members of their families.

Exceptions to the entry ban are applicable to EU nationals (incl. UK nationals) and their family members provided they have valid residence in one of the EU Member/Schengen States and are able to prove this, residence permit card holders, diplomats, cross border and health care workers. In addition, foreign nationals in possession of long-term visas (MVV) will be granted entry into the Netherlands/Schengen area. Only vital reasons such as a death in the family may qualify for the need to enter the Schengen area from outside the EU.

In addition, many Member States introduced border checks and controls with their neighboring countries within the Schengen zone. Depending on the developments, the ban may be prolonged again to secure safety and reduce the risk of further spreading of COVID-19.