As Senior HR Officer, I fulfil a crucial role in various HR processes. I act as a link between various departments and HR, ensuring that administrative tasks are carried out efficiently and accurately, as well as being the first point of contact for colleagues and employees.

My responsibilities include: processing the personnel administration related to the inflow, transfer and outflow of employees, drawing up employment contracts in accordance with laws and regulations, answering HR-related questions and being actively involved in various HR projects within the organisation, such as optimising the HR processes and ensuring the correct processing of all requirements concerning the WTTA and the hirer’s remuneration.

I am available every day.


Communication / Social Media / Events

As a Staff professional with a background in commercial design, social media and events, I had the opportunity to apply my experiences in the redesign of Yellowstone International’s website and the development of YellowstoneJobs website in March 2019. Since then, I have focused not only on constantly updating the overall Yellowstone website and Job Board but also on continuously developing and implementing an effective social media policy.
My responsibilities include sharing and shaping engaging facts and insights on all social media channels with the main goal; to advise our clients and followers at the highest level possible using my knowledge and experience to the fullest to contribute to the success of Yellowstone International.
But if you are lucky and call Yellowstone International, chances are you will also get me on the phone. Because contacting you, speaking to you kindly and connecting you with the right person is something I also enjoy doing.

I am not available on Wednesdays (odd weeks).