After a short career break, I have been responsible for all issues related to knowledge migrants for more than 15 years. In my role as immigration specialist, I am the point of contact for all issues related to work and residence permits.

I am the link between recruiters, (potential) employees, receiving companies and the Immigration and Naturalisation Service.

I’m not available on Wednesdays an Fridays.



Together with my colleagues from the HR department, I ensure smooth contractual handling for our contractors. My responsibilities include issuing and renewing contracts for new employees, as well as carefully handling (project) terminations and informing the relevant contractors in a timely manner. I also advise our clients on residence permits and am responsible for correctly applying for the 30% rule for them.

I’m not available on Thursdays after 13 pm.



Since May 2023, I support the HR department administratively. I schedule appointments for the collection of residence cards, registrations with municipalities and TB tests when necessary. I also draft employment contracts and ensure onboarding files are completed. I really enjoy working closely with my colleagues. Besides these tasks, we may also speak on the phone, where I try to answer all your questions or connect you to the right person.

I’m not available on Mondays.