chief executive officer

In 1997 I started Yellowstone International. I see Yellowstone International as my baby. From the very first day I set out to get to know the market, approaching clients, literally with a folder under my arm. I am proud that my baby has grown into a mature organization: My team and I provide client-friendly, service-orientated and compliant solutions to HR, payroll, relocation and all related issues. Within the team I am responsible for client relations, commerce and advice on employment law and compliance. My 24/7 mentality means that I cannot rest until my client is 100% happy.


Tax, Legal & Compliance

In 2009, when working as a tax advisor, I met Antoinette, and with her Yellowstone International. In August 2012 I became a partner of Yellowstone International. Originally a lawyer, I used to be a partner of one of the Big Four. In addition to my commercial work, I am responsible primarily for tax, legal and compliance. I am also a health and safety officer at Yellowstone, and I am responsible for implementing and monitoring the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. We sometimes say jokingly: “If you’re talking to me, it means you have a challenge” (obviously we always talk solutions, not problems!)


chief financial officer

I hail from the Western part of the Netherlands, so when in 2012 I joined Yellowstone International in the more easy-going province of Brabant, it was like a culture shock! I had already been working with Yellowstone International for years in my position as financial director of a major international recruitment organization. When Antoinette and Karel asked me to help expand Yellowstone, I seized the opportunity with both hands. As management team we are complementary to each other. My responsibilities include all internal matters like finance, personnel, processes and automation.